Our rates

Meter Fares

At Union Taxi Cooperatives, our rates are regulated by the public Utilities Commission of Colorado and we utilize computerized taxi meter.Charges for taxi service must be computed by the taxi meter at the rate listed except for the flat rate zones.

  • $2.25 - First 1/11 mile or fraction thereof.
  • $2.20 - Each additional 1 mile.
  • $.40 - Each minute of waiting time
  • $1.00 - additional charge for extra person

Flat rates

The following areas are considered flat rates zones to or from the Denver International Airport:

  • Downtown: $51.00
  • Denver Tech Center: $57.00
  • Boulder: $84.00

Additional $4.15 Gate fee will be applied for trips originating from Denver International Airport $5.00 extra for additional drop off in flat rate zones

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Union Taxi Cooperative

Union Taxi Cooperatives is a driver-owned taxi fleet where each driver has a personal stake in providing exemplary service. Furthermore, our continued investment in technology has allow us to provide timely service and keep passengers informed.